Debtor & Creditor bankruptcy attorney

Representing Both Debtors & Creditors in Pennsylvania

Sara Austin has the depth of experience working with both companies and individuals on Bankruptcy and Debtor-Creditor issues that you will rarely find elsewhere in central Pennsylvania. When you contact her, she will assess your situation and provide you with guidance on how to best move forward in your matter. 

Negotiations for Debtors

The first step when coming to Sara for assistance in Debtor-Creditor matters is determining whether bankruptcy is appropriate for you. If not, she will assist you in negotiations and restructuring to avoid bankruptcy. Sara works with her debtor clients to resolve their issues outside of bankruptcy court, when appropriate.

Help for Creditors

If you are a business or individual and need help collecting a debt, Sara can work with you to ethically reach out to debtors to recover your receivables. Sara makes certain to follow all Pennsylvania debt collection laws when working with her creditor clients. This helps you to avoid liability while getting the best possible result.  She also knows the steps to take when the debtor files for bankruptcy protection and your debt is included.

Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania

When bankruptcy is the right step, Sara is here to take you or your business through the process. This includes choosing the right type of bankruptcy, whether it is chapter 7, 11, 12, or 13. Sara handles all steps of the bankruptcy, so you can step back and focus on your financial recovery going forward.

Sara is Here to Help

If you are facing Bankruptcy or Debtor-Creditor issues, Sara is here to help obtain the most satisfactory results possible for you. She will advise you of your options and provide you with her recommendations, all with your best interests in mind. Contact Sara to learn more about your options, today.

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