Homeowner / Condo Association Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Helping With Formation, Management & Litigation

Homeowner / Condo Association Lawyer

Pennsylvania has experienced a boom of condominiums and single-family home planned communities over the past 20 years. Along with these kinds of living come unique requirements to make certain that condo and homeowner associations are formed and managed properly.

Complex Laws for Pennsylvania HOAs and Condos

Laws such as the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Communities Act (UPCA) and Uniform Condominium Act (UCA) often interact with the associations’ internal governing documents (Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules/Regulations). The laws and Governing Documents control what associations and residents may and may not do as they seek to manage and live in the properties that are part of the associations. Sara has experience drafting the required documents, as well as helping property managers and boards follow the laws and Governing Documents.

Formation, Review & Actions

Whether you need help forming a new association, require assistance updating or reviewing Governing Documents, ensuring proper and legal administration of the Association, or simply want to know if an action you plan on taking is legal, Sara is here to help.

In addition, if property managers or Board members inadvertently overlook, interpret or trample on the rights of owners, Sara is available to make certain that those rights are protected.

Experienced and Ready to Help HOA, Condo Boards & Owners

Central and Western Pennsylvania, including but not limited to Adams, Centre, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster,  Lebanon, Somerset, and York Counties, have many condominiums and planned communities (homeowner associations). A member of the Community Associations Institute and its Central Pennsylvania Regional Council, Sara has the experience to help you with any legal issues surrounding Pennsylvania HOAs or Condos. Feel free to contact Austin Law Firm today to find out how it can help you, your board or your management company with any legal matters.

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