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Assisting With Your Estate Planning Needs in Pennsylvania

Everybody needs a will. It doesn’t matter if you have a large estate or a small, simple one. It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you do not have a will, Pennsylvania law will distribute your property (and decide who takes care of your children) when you pass away. Unfortunately, the unexpected can happen at any age and at any time. Failure to prepare properly can cause great stress to your loved ones during what is certain to be a very difficult time.

Pennsylvania Powers of Attorney

In addition to a will, it is critical that everyone has appropriate documents to protect them should they become incapacitated, or even need to have documents completed while not being present.

This includes powers of attorney (which allow someone to handle both your health and financial matters for you) and living wills (which tell treating physicians how to proceed if you are in what is determined to be a terminal medical condition). These documents can alleviate much stress and difficulty if you should become ill or seriously injured. Each document is tailored to your specific needs. In addition, Austin Law Firm’s attorneys always check in with their clients every few years to make certain their circumstances or the laws haven’t changed so that their needs are still being met.

Estate Planning Pennsylvania
All people, all families, need proper estate planning in Pennsylvania to keep their loved ones safe.

Helping Individuals in Pennsylvania with Estate Planning

Whether you require a new estate plan or want to make certain that the documents you already have are appropriate for you, Sara and Megan are available to assist people in central Pennsylvania with their estate planning needs. Contact them today for help.

Pennsylvania Business Estate Planning

Succession Planning
Proper succession planning is a critical part of protecting a family business.

Proper succession planning is a critical part of protecting a family business. Estate planning isn’t just for individuals. Business owners must consider what will happen to their companies if something should happen to them or if and when they are ready to sell the business (to retire or for other reasons). Austin Law Firm’s clients frequently retain us to help them manage both their personal and business estate and succession planning needs. This way, Sara and Megan can make certain that all of their clients’ personal and professional needs are met. It is critical that business owners, especially those with small and medium-sized businesses, prepare for succession planning. That is, what will happen to their businesses if they pass away or become incapacitated or want to sell the business. Failure to plan can result in disaster for businesses, remaining employees, and the family members of the business owners.

Pennsylvania Succession Planning

When business owners retain Austin Law Firm, we help them prepare a succession plan, based on their specific needs. This way, the business owner(s) are certain that their businesses will be managed properly, should one or more owners become incapacitated or pass away or want to retire or sell their business interests.

Contact Sara and Megan today to find out how we can assist your Central or Western Pennsylvania business to keep running, no matter what emergency or other legal issues you might face

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