Pennsylvania Landlord & Tenant Lawyer

Providing Representation for Commercial & Residential Leases

Sara Austin represents both landlords and tenants. Sara is available to handle either side of the transaction. Pennsylvania has very specific laws that provide protection for both landlords and tenants. It is important that each party understands their legal rights and obligations and has someone to protect those rights in and out of court

Commercial and Residential Leases in Pennsylvania

Commercial Real Estate is very different from personal real estate. Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, it is critical to make certain that your lawyer understands the difference in the law and is available to provide you with the proper information. Sara can write new leases, review existing leases, help with the purchase or sale of real estate, and make recommendations for any potential problems she sees in your documents. She can also assist you if you find yourself in a dispute, either as a landlord or a tenant. Sara’s experience in business law allows her to appreciate your concerns both from a business perspective and a landlord/tenant perspective.

Representing Pennsylvania Landlords and Tenants

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, whether your issue is personal or commercial, Sara Austin has the experience to help you with your central Pennsylvania landlord/tenant matters. Contact her today for assistance.

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